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Paint and Sip

Paint and Sip

Sunday 28 April
Town Creek Dr., Austin - 1:30pm - 2 Hours
Glen Curtis
Escape the ordinary and embark on a journey of creativity and relaxation with our "Paint and Sip" class.

Transport yourself to breathtaking landscapes and idyllic destinations, all while indulging in your favorite beverages.

Whether you're seeking a memorable outing with friends and family or a serene solo experience, this session is tailored for adults aged 18 and above.
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Acrylic Portraits Meetup

Acrylic Portraits Meetup

Sunday 19 May
Town Creek Dr., Austin - 1:30pm - 2 Hours
Glen Curtis
Discover the vibrant realism of Acrylic Portrait art, a wonderfully rewarding creative pursuit that embraces thoughtful craftmanship and meticulous dedication. Enjoy the challenge, the process, and the satisfaction of creating something extraordinary. Immerse yourself in a hands-on experience and create stunning, lifelike portraits with visceral impact. Find your inspiration, unlock your potential, and take your artistic expression to the next level.
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Come along to our meetups to improve your art in a relaxed and social atmosphere, and under the guidance of a professional instructor. Complete beginners to experienced artists all welcome.

Our 2 hour meetups are held in a different location each time, usually outdoors.

Bring your own materials which can be anything from pencils or pastels, to watercolour or oils.

If you are a complete beginner all you need to start are a couple of good drawing pencils, a rubber, and a drawing pad.

Who can attend? Open to all skill levels, from beginners to experienced artists. The instructor is there to help everyone.

The meeting point and full details for the day are sent in the booking confirmation email to the email address you provide at time of booking.

Join the Facebook Group here to share your art and enjoy the art of other locals.

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Our meetups and classes are limited to a max of 12 people
Silas is a great teacher. He went over the basics in a clear and simple way.
Lori was great. She was so organized and inspiring. She has a love for art and projects this on her students. I learned so many new and exciting about drawing.
Glen Curtis
Hey Glen (Silas) here. Welcome to my Orble Art School and Meet Up Bio!

I have been an art student since as long as I can remember! I began drawing inspired by my favorite cartoons. I loved the meditative quality of drawing and the freedom to create whatever I wanted. I grew and grew and began to create more and more realism! Art is an expression of inner self and total freedom. It's very tranquil and peaceful.

I drew for many years and only began painting in high school and college simply because the classes required it. For some reason I didn't think I'd like painting, boy was I wrong.

In recent years my love for art and fashion have collided and I've become increasingly fascinated with clothing Alteration and design!

Come along on this journey with me in creative growth!

Glen Curtis is available for private bookings

Water color.
Clothing Alteration.

Atlanta Art Group
Austin Art Group
Title or Location: Moon rise at the sight of the ocean
Moon is a symbol of Emotion . Ocean is a symbol of power . On a full moon day Moon seems to come down closer to the ocean and on the other hand Ocean seems to raised up to the sky to reach the moon. When this happens the sight is incredible resembling the beauty of Life. I tried to put the same into my artwork with acrylics paints on canvas.
Credit: Ayesha Rani
Facebook: Ayesha alame - personal account
Instagram: art_by_ayesha1604
Richmond Art Group

Austin Art Group
Title or Location: Heath Ledger - Joker
The Joker was created by myself( Federico Portalupi )and my fellow artist and friend Rick Kadets in our own style of comic realism. We are both successful artists in our own respective styles and make a living from it, and we wanted to elevate our work by coming together on larger size paintings and challenging our creative process. Everything from design, concept, panel, frame etc was built by us. We are proud of this piece of art and look forward to creating many more.
Credit: Federico Portalupi ( ArtByFed)
Facebook: Artbyfed
Instagram: ArtByFed
Pasadena Art Group
Austin Art Group
Title or Location: Day Trippin
This piece is a commission for a good friend of mine. He wanted a penguin painting and when I asked what he had in mind, he said he trusted my artistic direction. Love when that happens. I wanted this piece to be of a penguin that just arrived at the beach and is checking out the clouds and the waves. Not a worry in the world, just chillin at the beach.
Credit: Trevor Pummill
Facebook: Trevor Pummill
Instagram: _herbanhippie_

Austin Art Group
Title or Location: Freedom
This was an older painting that I had put aside. This Sunday my cat Charlie passed away. For some reason that very sad event prompted me to take this painting out and rework it using a palette knife. I reworked the galloping horse and added bright colors to the background. In my mind it's Charlie's soul running free through a stream, in a field of flowers. I very often use my art to work through some difficult times.
Credit: Dale B Craft
Facebook: Wireandicejewelry
Instagram: CraftBernice
Sydney Art Group

Austin Art Group
Title or Location: "Orchestral Dance"
The combination of birds and flowers are dedicated to the two women who were and always will be my heroes. My artist mother who left this earth when I was seven months old and the grandmother who sacrificed her time and energy to raise a very precocious little girl after having raised nine children of her own. For me birds symbolize heavens messengers and flowers symbolize heavens artwork. My grandmother loved birds and raised them with as much care as she raised and loved me. This 9X12
Credit: Ellen Belshin
Facebook: Ellen Belshin Fine Art
Instagram: Puttinondaglitz
Sydney Art Group
Austin Art Group
Title or Location: Finding my direction!
Find your direction and set sail towards your dreams. There?s always hope even amidst a storm.
Credit: Shilpa Singh
Facebook: @Shellyskeepsakeart
Instagram: @SHILPA01SHELLY

Cleveland Art Group
Title or Location: The Boats at Sunset in Bradenton
I was at The Starfish Restaurant when I captured this view on a cold day in Bradenton Florida from the dock behind the restaurant. I was fascinated by the light coming from one of the boats and the gas pump. The photograph helped me to produce this oil painting when I got home in Ohio.
Credit: Patrick Funke
Facebook: Patrick Funke
Instagram: patrickfunkemoderndaymonet
Oklahoma City Art Group
Title or Location: Studio
"Twilight fortress" a 5X7 acrylic on canvas panel.
Credit: Robert Daniels
Baton Rouge Art Group
Title or Location: Ruth Ann and Mon-Ami
My wife Ruth Ann's beloved cat, Mon-Ami passed away about a month ago. Mon-Ami was a rescue kitten 12 years ago. She is sadly missed by my wife Ruth Ann. This portrait of my wife holding Mon_Ami was from a Halloween night a few years ago. It will commemorate their bond for generations to come. 30 x 40 Oil
Credit: Mark Gil
Facebook: ArtistMarkGil

Portland Art Group
Title or Location: Vivi
This painting is part of a collection I am working on called the Beautiful Project. The Beautiful Projects lifts up everyday people in our communities doing amazing things. People nominate people in their lives they think are beautiful. Then we sit down and have a discussion about why. They give me a bunch of pictures and I paint the beautiful person and write up a story about what I found that was beautiful about them as I painted. Vivi is beautiful because she never gives up. Fall down get b
Credit: Stevie Woods
Instagram: stevie_woods_art
Leeds Art Group
Title or Location: BLOOM
BLOOM is one of my largest pieces to date, consisting of layers of acrylic paint and marker to create intermingled layers of texture, colour and interest. My artwork as a whole aims to explore beauty and chaos as one and the same in a neurodivergent mind. I have ADHD and my art is a representation of what it's like to be inside my brain. Bright, busy, all at once, all the time. Through this I aim to foster a feeling of belonging and connectedness for people, largely neurodivergent people like me
Credit: Alyce Wood
Instagram: Doodlepeoplexo
Portland Art Group
Title or Location: Freshwater Blue, oil on canvas, 30" square
I have a solo exhibit coming up in September at Gallery 114 in downtown Portland. I wanted to do a new body of work, and since I also like to garden I decided to do abstract florals. It's challenging trying something new, but I love a good challenge!
Credit: Dianne Jean Erickson
Facebook: dianne.erickson.96
Instagram: thatencausticartist

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